My husband is a very good cook.

The laws oblige all citizens to pay taxes.

Will Gore stand as presidential candidate?

It's hard to believe Vidhyanath would do what you said he did.

There, my little doll, take it. Eat a little and listen to my sorrow. I must go to the hut of the old Baba Yaga in the dark forest to borrow some fire and I fear she will eat me. Tell me! What shall I do?

I'm not famous yet.


Rich as she is, she is not happy.

My son gets on very well at school.

Better be still single than ill married.

As much as I like football, I prefer tennis.

Why isn't Ahmed at home?

Where did you put my notebook?

He has a kind heart.


I'm never going to amount to anything.


If you turn right, City Hall will be right in front of you.

She demoted you.

Does Shutoku want to go with us?


Please have Rusty wait until I get there.

Prakash flew to Boston.

Do what you can for him.

I know you're happy.

It is important to overview the economic status of these groups before examining the proposed solutions.


Philippe sure can play tennis.


I want you to want me.

I think we have made that point clearly.

It's your ex-wife.

I'm two years younger than him.

Who were the other suspects?

The rules should be followed.

It's no problem.

How many Native American languages went extinct?

They live in this town.


I could probably do that.

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Is there anything you want to eat?

As long as people are people, there will always be a stage for tragedy.

I'll help find Merton.


I don't care what happens, I'm still going to tell your parents.

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The boy has a paint spot on his shirt.

We're up to the challenge.

Warren is pretty good at golf.


I need a word with him.

Animals have bodies largely composed of fluid.

Einstein also showed how mass and energy were equivalent.


Keep in mind that youth is not eternal.

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Didn't you find any evidence?

Could you come to tomorrow's meeting?

We sit down at the table.

I will help him tomorrow.

Janice took the pan off the stove.

No sooner had I come into contact with him than I determined to get to know him well.

Take your shot, Reinhard.

I've done this all my life.

The field is covered with snow.


I wonder whether Hurf will help us.

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Aimee asked Elaine if she liked Mexican food.

I used to go to school with him.

They found Ethan.

You must keep the plan secret until someone notices it.

I got a call from her.

We shouldn't trust them.

Saskaviy has learned to create a web-page.

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This is pretty convincing stuff.

Chuck needed help doing his taxes.

I didn't chicken out.

Gregor was accused of lying to the court in an effort to diminish his culpability.

As I read through the letters, I realized that the Pope was the true culprit.

Tell her that I am treating a patient.

Haruko likes warm springs.


The old teacher began to talk about the good old days.

Florian is too busy to go today.

Taro has a strong sense of responsibility.

We have a lot to celebrate.

He knows how to brush his teeth.

The police will put you in prison.

She was burning to tell the secret.


I think I know what the problem is.

How exactly did Kristin die?

I've been looking forward to this all week.

Vickie died after stepping on a scorpion in the desert.

I'm not quite sure yet.

Lawrence couldn't believe what Judge said had happened.

Stop it, Ernie.


Axel will stay.

Cynthia has just finished writing a letter to Duke.

Thierry snuck into the room.

I couldn't fight her.

Nancy is economical with her smiles.

The cat is eating.

It is acceptable to mention your job and interests and to ask the other person about his, but be careful not to let the conversation become too personal.

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I refreshed myself with a hot bath.

She's taking a nap.

Oh, no, of course!

She's a hair stylist.

To burn always with this hard, gem-like flame, to maintain this ecstasy, is success in life.


Get Mwa out of my sight.

I'm completely blind now.

Had it been the object or the intention of Jesus Christ to establish a new religion, he would undoubtedly have written the system himself, or procured it to be written in his life time.

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I'll come back to Japan tomorrow.


These aren't for sale.

She speaks clearly to be easily understood.

It was my decision to make.

I'm willing to forget the past.

You shouldn't be doing that now.

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Do you really think Olof will come back here?

I wanted to talk about it.

I'm trying to give you a chance to do that right thing.

Your speech was appropriate for the occasion.

We may not have very much time.

This is your community.

It's going to take a while to get this done.

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The snow stopped me going out.

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We're still together.

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Jones has put on more weight.

Pantelis is a geek.

Don't worry. It's perfectly safe.

You missed them, didn't you?

Hwa made the school basketball team.

Cris often visits me.

I'm sure Josip will think that's a good idea.


We shall return to whence we came.

Harv always carries a map and compass in his bag.

What do you think the audience wants?

Henry came out of the bathroom with only a towel on.

Kurt isn't here now.

Hello! Can you hear me?

Suwandi snuck out and surreptitiously bought Collin a big bunch of flowers for their wedding anniversary.

How could Annie have known about that?

Why don't we get our things and leave?


He gets mad very easily.

What shall we eat tonight?

A golden key opens all doors.


You're methodical.

We are currently looking for individuals who have experience in customer service.

Bert is pretty irresponsible.


You'll both have to do better than that.

I told Jill you already knew.

Our international sales continue to grow, bringing the name of Toyo Computer into businesses world-wide.

Sridharan never told me where he lived.

This university was founded in 1843.


It makes you happy, doesn't it?


Isn't life wonderful?

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I was trying to tell him what had really happened, but he cut me short.

My shoes are bigger than yours.

I should have talked to you first about it.

Regardless what he does, he does it well.

I feel like I've heard that conversation before.


The correct setting for silverware is the fork on the left side of the plate and on the right side the knife then the spoon.

I'd like whiskey and water.

Juliane looks kind of bored.

I don't remember!

I met up with a couple of good old friends.

Dieter hasn't watered the garden yet.

My father can be terribly childish, but he means well.


Be careful. The floor is slippery.

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Mah is very disturbed.

He begged me to come.

She asked him where he lived.

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Irvin sneezed again.

I got her to do it.

One of the boys stood up and started yelling.

My wife went to the farm.

Stop, or I'll shoot!